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Artificial intelligence for contextual segmentation

See how Navegg OPI works and understand the benefits


How does it work?

Navegg OPI performs site keyword analysis and frames each information into Navegg segments, besides positive, negative, or neutral sentiments. In this way, when the user browses, it is possible to understand their behavior and feelings within each site.



Why use it?

The contextual segmentation delivery strategy takes into account the interests of the user at the moment they access the publisher's website. Thus, the advertising delivered becomes more relevant to the moment of the user's search, which brings positive results for advertisers.


Benefícios do OPI

  • Over 1,600 OPI segments available;
  • Easy integration with AsManager;
  • Assertiveness based on the context of the URL accessed, using artificial intelligence;
  • Delivery of ads more relevant to the browsing context.