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Increase sales and the lifespan of your base.

We can show you how Navegg's tools help companies turn thousands of data points into profitable experiences.

What our customers say about us

"Working with Navegg was fundamental to bring more assertiveness to our campaigns and more knowledge about our target."

Janaína Iziquiel

Marketing and Communications Director – Suhai


"Having Navegg's data segmentation solutions in our Data Marketplace has made it possible to expand our media solutions, offering advanced plans for our customers and greater assertiveness in our campaigns."

Taísa Pereira

Managing Director – Smart BR


"Users' knowledge of their data can give brands the opportunity to create truly personalized and assertive communication: that is, the right message for the right audience."

Drika Pivatti

Blinks Essence


"Historically here at NSC, Navegg has always been a very strategic partner and even a group on which we can rely when it comes to data collection and use."

Herick J. Pinho

Programmatic Media & Digital Performance – NSC Communication


“We have a very successful partnership with Navegg, which is a valuable tool for our business with our customers.”

Rogério Borges

Commercial Director – Money Times / Seu Dinheiro


"A partner that is always very close and available to listen to us and deliver made-to-order solutions with excellence in service."

Júlia de Castro Correia

Sales Director IG


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