Metodología - Segments EN

Extract insights and target campaigns with greater precision

Navegg analyzes the navigation of all visitors to websites that use our technology. Then, through statistical-mathematical methods, market studies and consumer behavior research, each user is classified among the segments present in our taxonomy.

See below what you can discover with Navegg's technology.


Demographic data

Through browsing behavior, Navegg's intelligence infers the user's demographic characteristics at that moment, allowing them to classify gender, age group, social class, marital status, education, and area of activity.


Purchase intention

Products and/or services that users intend to purchase. Information such as access link, technology used, location, content and products searched are taken into account in the classification of each cluster.


Affinity with brands

A list of the brands with the highest affinity with the audience. They are divided into four categories: electronics, appliances, vehicles, fashion and take into account the purchase intention for products of that brand and the demonstration of interest in the brand.


Interests and location

Topics that visitors prefer. That is, they like to read about the subject, but do not necessarily buy the related products. Country, state, and city where the user is located.