Metodología - Every One EN

About Navegg EveryOne

The methodology consists of collecting thousands of anonymous browsing cookies, grouped into 8 clusters, according to the factors that most influence behavior in the digital environment.


Analytics turned into insights

Over 20 million monthly transactions are analyzed between the first click on a banner and the product checkout. It takes into account the purchasing power of the user and whether they buy more based on reason or emotion, with data on purchases made in the last 6 months.


Qualified and highly relevant target

In view of all these analyses, the clusters were divided into quadrants and distributed according to their behavior and stage of life. By identifying which of these eight clusters are present on your site, it is possible to analyze their motivations and decide which approach is most appropriate to communicate with each of them.


Behavior patterns

Information such as access link, technology used, location, content, and products searched are taken into account in the classification of each cluster. Each internet user is classified in just one cluster that reflects their preferences and purchasing power.


Online behavior

Factors such as reason, emotion and affluence serve as indicators for interpreting the way they act in the digital environment.

The 8 groups of personalities

It is available for analysis on all Navegg solutions and for purchase on the main programmatic platforms on the market.


Winners are mostly confident and successful people. Professional success and financial power are some of the most outstanding features of this Navegg EveryOne cluster. They value exclusivity and tend to pay more for it, but they are the ones who most analyze the variables that define the cost-benefit of what they want to acquire. Quality, innovation and, above all, exclusivity, can have more impact at the time of decision and are hardly prevented when the reason is only financial. Moved by reason, they are not usually induced to do something they don't believe in.


Explorers are usually adventurers in search of new experiences and sensations. They tend to be highly connected, bold, curious, and value the inner satisfaction of living intensely. They are the ones who normally accept technological evolutions and innovative products first and, from that, create trends. They are usually tempted by new releases, novelties, and don't mind paying a little more for it as long as they have freedom of choice.


For people in this Navegg EveryOne cluster, image is often above all else. Followers want to give the impression of being trendy and always connected. They are responsible for replicating everything that has been tested by Explorers, as they are aware of all trends. Followers tend towards consumerism, as they place a high value on sophistication and the appearance of what they want. They are usually concerned with reputation and luxury of what they choose for themselves.


Social ascension was something that happened quickly in their lives, so they spend without thinking and tend to value packaging over content. Boasters tend to be superficial, materialistic, and flamboyant. They want everything that appears in the media, which reflects the status quo and, therefore, they end up buying everything that is in evidence. They are commonly driven to make decisions by an impulse and to satisfy an immediate desire.


Fighters are usually family men or the main breadwinners. They can be represented by Baby Boomers, as they are usually workaholics, have the fairest finances and do not have the time to enjoy their acquisitions. They work hard every day with the aim of meeting basic needs and having a minimum of comfort. They hardly buy superfluous things and usually calculate every penny of the cost benefit of the goods they intend to acquire. They tend to buy to satisfy the family's needs.


Transformers are people who aim to change the world by working for a cause. Consumers of this genre tend to be less materialistic and more intellectual. They value society, the environment and education. They are usually looking for products that are politically and ecologically correct and are willing to pay more for it as long as the value is justifiable. They are optimists and believe that it is possible to transform the world in small, everyday actions.


Conservatives are, for the most part, traditionalists, methodical, and do not usually do anything outside the rules. They usually follow dogmas, respect institutions, and try to pass this teaching on to the whole family. For them, the purchase is closely linked to security and the right price. They usually buy everything that reflects their beliefs and traditions, in addition to being extremely attached to brands.

Easy Goers

Easy Goers are, for the most part, carefree, calm people, who live waiting for easy opportunities. They tend to spend a good part of the day at home, consume products that have a high rate of convenience, and make few plans for the future. The purchase is related to the low price and instant and momentary gratification. They are motivated by the facilitation of credit and immediate acquisition.


Understand the details of the consumption habits of the 8 EveryOne user groups, and establish more assertive communication optimizing the results of marketing investments.